Sunday, 29 January 2012

Parents as Role Models

All Children are born innocent, like an empty book which still has to be written in. Their parents, friends, as well as their environment determine what their life story will be. Can a child feel unloved, helpless and hopeless, that he will attack those around him? Are our children growing up without dreams? who is responsible for this anger within them?
Children need adults who are role models of positive behaviour. We need to consider our actions. Children copy what we do. Take a look in the mirror. Do you like what you see? What are your morals and values? Are you teaching them to your children?
Children need mentors. We should take the time to talk with them. Since the breakdown of teh extended family, children are spending less time with the people that love them. In many families, both parents are working long hours and are either too stressed, tired or disinterested to bond with their children. Society and business have a responsibility to provide families with time and support so that this fragile relationship can be nurtured.
All children are born with an instinctive desire to learn and explore their world, and it is our responsibility as adults to encourage this.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Which stage you are in?

Dear Children

You know what you are, but you don't know what you can become! Indeed, You are a diamond! Just the way diamonds are rare, so are you!. The question therefore is not whether you are a diamond, but which stage you are in? It could even be that you are yet to discover it. In fact, most of us live life without discovering that we have diamond within us!. At times, even when we realize that there is a diamond in us, we never bother to cut it properly; or rather, fail to get the right teachers who can cut the various edges properly and bring out the light inside. At times, we discover the diamond, and even cut it, but fail to polish it properly; for it's only when we polish well, cut diamond properly that it starts to dazzle! And some of us are diamonds that may have just lost their sheen a little and require some more polishing.

A belief can do wonders. You must believe you can.In fact, the worst thing in life is not that many children don't think they can, but that many children despite knowing that they can, still don't! Almost anything you do will seem insignificant. But it's very important that you do it. You must be the change you wish to see in this world.

The first quality that makes a diamond so invaluable is its carat weight. In you that carats are your passion and positive energy. The second quality that makes for a great diamond is its cut. The cut involves a lot of hard work. In you it could be your performance and dedication. The third quality that makes a diamond visibly great is its colour. In you its your personality and skills. And finally, the fourth quality that makes a diamond great is its clarity. In you, its your perspective and principles.

Which stage you are in?

Thursday, 19 January 2012

I can....!

"Those who think they can do ___ do,
 Those who think they can not ___ do not".

This is true for all of us, but it is specially true for young children. The responses of parents and other adults have a powerful effect on children's actions. Adults reactions actually teach children how competent or incompetent they are. Have you ever noticed how proud your children are of their accomplishments? They often argue with you to "Watch this!" or "Look at what I made". Young children need to be seen as capable and strong, but they lack the skills and knowledge that grown-ups have.The list of things they can do is much shorter than the list of things they cannot do. They really need your help in learning that they can do things.

To help your children develop confidence in themselves, focus on their strengths and successes, show them you have faith in their abilities, reflect their achievements in a positive but realistic manner, build the child's sense of basic trust, learn why child acts the way he does, express your unpleasant feelings verbally, accept child's unpleasant emotions,teach the child how to deal with angry and unhappy feelings, provide ways for child to feel success, respond to child's actions immediately, teach and demonstrate respect for your own and others, give the child plenty of praise; warmth and physical signs of affection, take photographs of the child and display the child's art work.

A child feels good when adults are supportive, give choices and use democratic methods. So avoid being too strict or too pessimist. Also, a child feels contended when his/her needs for love, security and belonging are met, and feels upsets when he/she gets too little attention and feels neglected and unwanted.

Self-confidence is like a ripple. When children feel capable in one area, the feeling is likely to spread to other areas of their lives. Encouragement builds and restores a child's self-confidence.Encouragement is more than praise. In fact, praise often causes discouragement because the children consider it either as being undeserved or as your wish for them to succeed beyond their capacity. Encouragement expresses faith in children as they are, not in what they could be.

As an adult, use your power wisely while demonstrating respect and appreciation for your child's growing need for self-determination and a strong self-concept.