Thursday, 16 February 2012

Success is not about the results. Success is about the courage to undertake a journey that you believe in, as the title of Steve Jobs’ book says, “The journey is the reward.” That is the true meaning of success for a principled man. And that’s what the Gita explains beautifully, “ Tu karm kiye ja, phal ki chinta mat kar.{ Keep working without worrying about the results}”. Yes, that’s what the great people do. They keep doing what they believe in, what they know is right, without worrying about results.

Nelson Mandela is a man who personifies struggles. He spent nearly three decades of his life behind bars, endured hardships, yet never ever did he compromise on his principles. It was this that inspired others around him and gave them strength and optimism.

It was Ted Turner’s vision and his ability to see the big picture that made him think out of the box to give birth to CNN. It was Mahatma Gandhi’s vision that helped free India. He knew it was only and only through his ‘Satyagraha’ non-violent movement, that India could appeal to the moral conscience of Britain and make the British realizes the unfairness of colonial Raj.

A clear perspective gives you the power and courage to face even the greatest of problem with optimism.

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