Saturday, 6 October 2012

Celebrating Characters


“Characters” the word simply reminds me of ” Tom Sawyer”,”Huckleberry finn”,”Jim”,”Widow Douglas and Miss Watson” from “Adventure of Huckleberyy finn” by “Mark Twain” ,or, “Charles Darney”,”Sydney Cartoon”,”Doctor Manette”,Lucie Manette” from “A Tale of Two Cities” by “Charles Dicken”, etc..the list goes on and onAmazing stories and beautiful characters…

But is it the character or Ms Chandra’s innovative style of narrating a story? Well, in my opinion its the combination of both. There are several meanings of the word “Character” in the dictionary. Right from the “Fictional Character” to “the inherent complexity of attributes that determine a person’s moral and ethical actions and reactions” to ” the characteristics property that defines the apparent individual nature of something”. But for the learners, characters are entertaining, imaginary, hilarious, humorous, makes you laugh and cry, with whom you fall in love, etc..

Fountainhead, truly gives the meaning and an opportunity to the learners to capture the moments of truth. Today the Learners grab the opportunity and dressed up as their favourite characters and read aloud some exciting stories with theirs friends. What an innovative style of giving honours to all the wonderful authors,writers or if I am not mistaken, the creator’s of those beautiful characters!. Indeed, an excellent way to enjoy reading different minds, understanding and enjoying their perspectives.
“Fountainhead tujhe Salaam”!


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