Saturday, 6 October 2012

Read, Read, Read .....

It is rightly said by "MEM FOX", that if we're able to raise happier, brighter children by reading aloud to them, the well-being of the entire country will ramp up a notch.So let us all get together and follow some of the commandments, to make the BOOK WEEK a real success.
1. Let's promise to read at least thirty happy minutes daily.
2. Let's read stories that we'd really love to read.
3. Let's read out with full excitement, joy and great enthusiasm.
4. Let's read and dramatize the story and enjoy to the fullest.
5. Let's read aloud to our parents and siblings.
6. Let's read aloud with animation to our grandparents.
7. Let's read aloud to our friends and with friends too, and capture some sweet memories.
8. Let's read thinking the end in mind.
9. Let's read to move a step ahead to reach our goals.
Last but not the least, Let's Read, Read and Read, as if its just the beginning.......... 


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