Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Read, Read, Read.....!

Read, Read, Read.....What to read and why to read? Why reading is important? Please give me logic and reasoning as to why should I read when I have tons of other things to do. 

Well, students have been asking me these and many other questions since past few days, in order to understand the significance of reading. I was actually wondering why they are not able to understand, as  reading help us to grow and helps us in getting better with our skills and conventions. Probably they were asking for  precise information and reasoning for the same. 

I started my conversation with them by sharing my own experience and a journey as an educator. In addition, I also shared how reading  has helped me to grow as a better person. When I shared that reading helps us to improve our vocabulary, improves our memory and creativity, they contradict  and said that its not reading but grammar and usages of grammar and language helps us getting better with language and reading simply helps us in covering our curriculum and in identifying new words and vocabulary, which normally we don't tend to use in our daily routine. I gave my consent and added that indeed books gives us wider exposure towards new words and vocabulary, and the possibilities of sharing are endless. They are portable and we can take them almost anywhere. But, by adding book reading to our daily schedule and sticking on it, improves discipline, it makes us use our brain, we think more and become smarter. It is a fundamental skill builder. It also expands our horizons and letting us see what other cities and countries have to offer before we visit them. It requires our focus as we are reading for a long period of time. 

Looking at the time constraint, I made an inquiry box and asked them to post their queries and questions on the same. Next day when I checked to my surprise most of the students got convinced and understood the significance of reading. 

But I am still awaiting for the words from the students who have not posted anything!

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