Thursday, 1 March 2012

Student who interrupt in class...

What can we do about students who interrupt in class? or what shouldn't we do with students who interrupt? 

Well, all teachers have to deal with students who interrupt in class and they can cause real life problems if not dealt efficiently and effectively. These are the students who shout, interrupts during discussion by making rude or silly comments or generally ignore teacher instructions.

As teachers, we need to understand why these students feel the need to behave like this. The most common reason for their behaviour is that they need attention or wish to gain recognition/status. They are missing the sense of belonging and try various strategies to draw attention to themselves.

Therefore, to cater to their need and to have win-win situation, we need to synergize and provide them with the activities that encourages cooperative learning, engage them with different roles and responsibilities, praise and appreciate them in public, talk to them with patience, set some natural consequences for them, talk to their parents and understand their perspective, before starting a class ask the whole class to meditate and begin their day on a positive note, if you wish you can share or pass some positive vibration by words/short story to them or read aloud than please do that, re-emphasize on the 7 habits and give them small exercises or roles to perform.

In short, you can grab this opportunity to use this behaviour to teach appropriate social skills. And remember teaching behaviour is just as important as teaching academic subjects.

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