Saturday, 6 October 2012

“Learning opportunities extend far beyond the classroom”

It has been truly said, “Learning opportunities extend far beyond the classroom”. At fountainhead, we strongly believe in this and leave no stone unturned in our quest for the same. Grade 5 learners, on 12th July had such an experience visiting “R. R. Industries”(click on the link), a unit involved in processing Pencils. Learners were quite excited and visited the place with great zeal. In addition they also discovered the process of the most important ingredient in a pencil i.e. graphite, which most people continue to call as “lead”. They were astonished and overwhelmed to see the processing of graphite into its finished state.
To make the wood casings for the pencils, square slats are formed, then grooves are cut into the slats, and graphite sticks are inserted into the grooves. Learners were immensely contented to see the process involved in making the wood casings, shaping the pencils and quality check process. They could easily identify the transformation of matter due to the various changes it undergoes.

The smiles and expressions on their faces were “priceless”. An amazing experience and worth travelling the long distance. Learners remained energetic throughout the trip.

And now, they are expected to exhibit their understanding with the help of  a flow chart using “” (ICT integration), followed by procedural writing focusing hypothesis, observation and conclusion (Language integration).


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