Monday, 25 November 2013

Discovering the potential of blended learning

I feel honoured to share my experience on trying out the ‘Blended Learning Model’ and more precisely this innovative ‘instruction model.’ After attending the sessions, I realized that the concepts taught ran parallel with what I am already executing in class. Undoubtedly, I was able to bring some change in the learning environment that is both challenging and conducive for my students. While introducing various categories under this model, I succeeded in personalizing the learning for my students and was able to provide the platform of mastery based learning. As an educator, I am contented and possess a great zeal of enthusiasm, after evaluating the process of learning.  

Independent Learning Environment

I have introduced various models and strategies in my class in the past, but this time after introducing the personalized learning and mastery based approach, I was able to enhance and ensure my students understanding about the topics and at the same time could stress the various concepts taught in the unit. It is true; in today’s education system, time becomes a variable whereas students’ learning is constant.

ICT in Education

Initially I differentiated students’ learning with more than four workstations where it was difficult for me as an educator to evaluate their performance. However, after exploring and discovering the details about the same I switched over to only three basic workstation a) small group instruction (b) collaborative work (c) self directed online activities. With these categories, I was able to make sure students understanding about the topic and cater to their individual academic goals. Additionally, I feel we should give 10 minutes as a reflection time to the students. This will help the teachers to ensure students conceptual understanding and clarify their doubts if any.

Recently, I have found that the structure of the classroom and the facilities/tools are equally important. Therefore, in this context, I updated the class library, softwares, my personal drive and other classroom displays to make the learning environment interesting and informative for my students.

Making an effective use of various categories under this model, educators entail a vital shift in their role. They facilitate students in achieving their personal goals that will help them enhance their academic performance and behaviour. Further, we facilitators will be able to change students’ academic mindsets through various learning strategies and assist them to improve their social skills too.

In order to enhance their individual learning skills, the experience of virtual class session remained a good exposure for my students. Indeed, after discovering the potential of blended learning, as an educator I am convinced that it plays a vital role in creating a cooperative and personalized learning environment. 

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