Friday, 12 September 2014

Narmad Library is great news for Surat’s book lovers!

Do you enjoy reading? Are you a book lover? What’s your reading personality? Are you interested in providing a learning environment to your kids. ‘Yes’ I am chattering about the people who are mostly quiet, mild mannered people and who love to sit on comfortable chair, get lost in their own dreamland and not talk to people for the extended period of time. I hope it doesn’t get that unexciting while writing about such a blissful place. 
Undoubtedly, I am writing about Kavi Narmad Library, one of the most important places in Surat.It is situated in the heart of the city. The site and the location are splendorous as it is free from the industrial pollution and the sound of the intense traffic.The library was set up by the Surat Municipal Corporation on 24th August 1991, at Ghoddod Road and named after the renowned and the greatest Gujarati poet Veer Narmad.
In December 2003, when I first came to Surat, I was absolutely clueless about the place and the community. I have always been fond of reading books on different subjects and would prefer to be in calm and a cozy environment. I remember, in 2008, while preparing for Banking & Insurance, I started visiting Kavi Narmad library over and over again. The serenity and tranquility of the place; the outstanding collection of the books on various subjects; outstretched reading rooms and sections; computers and manipulative for kids to challenge their thoughts; grabbed my attention and I was completely spellbound. While writing this article, I am reminiscing about the glorious moments that I have spent at the library with my son.
My son and I often visit library on Sundays, as it is a ‘Sabbath day’ meaning for rest and leisure; basically diversion from routine work; and we are keen on spending time reading books and also in checking out different classifications of published documents. He gets very excited at the thought of going to the library and is mostly interested in looking at the book series of Enid Blyton, Geronimo Stilton and Harry Potter to name a few. He makes it a point to read a chapter in the library and then spends time playing games on a computer, stroking a few lines and creating pictures on the board and exploring the section on new arrivals. I must say, it’s an absolute pleasure to watch him engrossed.
Last week, when I visited the library, I went with a clear vision to look around the books on sovereignty and I found exceptional, well-reasoned, thorough and provocative books with personal experience, fiction and memoirs written in striking and compelling prose. Indeed the administration of the library is exceptionally great,  as I could discover the support staff and librarian arranging books and providing access to electronic resources to the people. It’s such an enlightening and enriching experience at this place that I often get enthralled being in a different world altogether. The ambience of the library is incomparable.
Before its renovation, the community had very limited exposure and material to acquire information of their field and a choice. But with its redevelopment the library now makes available nearly 30000 books on various subjects. People have enough space and privacy to explore the books at their own pace. The library charges very nominal fees to the investigators and the enthusiastic readers; so that they can read newspapers and magazines there and if they wish they may carry books at home. The kids have computers and educational games to enhance their vocabulary and knowledge. The administration of the library is really commendable.
To press upon, the SMC and its administrative team have left no stone unturned to the development of the library and in volunteering to establish a Central full-fledged library in Surat. Undoubtedly, I am overwhelmed to witness the progression of this valuable place and would strongly recommend to the book lovers of Surat to visit this place on a regular basis.

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