Wednesday, 11 October 2017

They ask,'Why do I write?'

They ask,’Why do I write?’
I smile and tell them, I write to survive
I write because I enjoy writing
I write because I love writing
I write because I want to write.

But still they ask,’Why do I write?’
Merrily I tell them, I write to express
I write to share my feelings
I write to share my perspectives
I write because I want to write.

Yet they ask,’Why do I write?’
I affirm and tell them, I write as I have reasons to write
I write based on my mood and instincts
I write based on desires and devotion
I write based on different contexts and situations

And now I tell them,
Don’t ask, Why do I write?’
Instead, find out, How do I feel when I write?
What do I do when I write?
Why it is important for me to write?

The real treasure is in writing
Try to express yourself to the fullest
At least start writing in bullets
Writing will help you communicate
About the experiences and feelings that are straight.

Writing will provide you the sense of accomplishment
It will reflect on who you are as a person
Writing is compact and permanent
It will make your thinking visible
I enjoy writing and I write because I want to write!

Truly in love with ‘Writing’.....

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

It' just the beginning!

Hey! it’s just a beginning!
Don’t get worried, if your scores are too bad,
You have nothing to lose,
It’s just a beginning!

People consider you as a loser,
That’s their view,
Do not get upset by the views of others,
It’s just a beginning!

You want to talk,
And your boss doesn’t listen to you or trust you,
Don’t bother much,
It’s just a beginning!

Things don’t turn out the way you expected,
You are feeling disappointed,
They think you don’t have in you anymore
Relax! It’s just a beginning!

Life is beautiful,
With every little experience in life,
You will learn and grow,
You will write and rewrite your own script..
Outshine and leave your mark in this world
So relax and calm down,
You have nothing to lose.

It’s just the beginning!
It’s just the beginning!

Monday, 19 June 2017

Team Vision 2017-18

Memories! Memories! Memories!

The year has passed with a blink of an eye
But indeed we have a load of ideas to classify
Differentiation, Inquiry, Language curriculum was emphasized
Online Reporting and Socio Emotional learning were prioritized.

How can we forget Parent Involvement,
And the launch of Discipline 2.0
Just in leaps and bounds we made it
We owned it and feeling proud to admit

Going forward, we continue the same this year
Being more specific and to make it very clear
Character and Competence are in prime focus
Under each, there will be definite goals to cater.

Giving a keynote speech will not help at this time,
As there is a lot to do in a short while,
Feedback, Inquiry, Reading strategies are the additions
And for the previous goals, there are no subtractions.

Let us not get into those mathematical conventions
Simply understand with a strong conviction,
Taking ownership of the goal is the only solution,
If not now, then do not think during Self Study or Evaluation.

Sunday, 12 February 2017


I wish to be surrounded by books,
Reading all day and writing lovely poems,
Getting swayed with my thoughts
Holding pen and capturing every moment.

I wish to be surrounded by books
Reading different minds and knowing the author,
Being artistic with thoughts and creative with words,
Reading with an aim to explore different genres.

Life is beautiful...

Hey Life!
You're so beautiful!
How I wish if I could say,
Let's walk again to those
Lovely paths and wonderful lanes!

Being together
Is what they say,
Holding hand,
We'll make our day!

Are you in doubt?
As you don't say,
Making promises,
Is a good chain game!

Hey Life!
Let's try it!
to walk again to those
Lovely paths and Wonderful lanes!

Friday, 3 February 2017

Expressing LOVE!

I love you Rishi! I truly do!
Let me express my feelings to you,
I know you are surprised and thinking,
Why today I am in such a whimsical mood.

I accept that I never knew,
Understanding you is so beautiful.
You are so forgiving, generous, and true,
And I have realized this with every little hue.

You have fulfilled my fantasies,
And have loved me unconditionally,
Life with you is so special
I am devoted to you and desire you.

You have nurtured me with your love,
And showered your faith and trust in me,
I wish if I could be like you,
And dream of the every fantasy to be true.

With love and care
Ritu Chopra