Thursday, 29 December 2011

Children are Children

It has truly said that “Children are Children”, no matter where they live or whose class they are in. Today’s students expect much more animated, interactive class and much less dogmatic classroom atmosphere. Definitely, the chances of getting class into chaos would be quite high in such situation.  Implementing classroom management techniques requires practice for both the teacher and the student. By employing these techniques, a teacher will be able to create an atmosphere conducive to learning.

Ask students to make four to five essential agreements, provoke them, probe them and help them in framing affirmative statements. Write and paste them on wall along with Procedures and Routines until students make them habits. Ensure they understand the essence of it and reinforce the same repeatedly. Establish expectations right at the beginning, as to what kind of behaviour in the classroom is acceptable and which will not abide.    

Be prepared with all the resources before taking the class. Always keep some filler worksheets/ planned activities/ manipulative/ comics/ reading material etc. for the students in class. Engage the students in learning process. One-way lecturing will sidetrack them, which will ultimately distract other students and teacher as well. In order to engage them, plan some creative learning activities. These can be as simple as brainstorming exercise.

Despite your best efforts to engage your students, there will be such times when one of them behaves in an unacceptable manner. Therefore, devise a strategy for dealing with such difficult students and therefore you need to plan.  Also, ensure to have student of the week, student of the month.

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