Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Kids learn how to handle stress from you...

Being a parent is indeed a very joyful and rewarding experience. But parenting can be very stressful. As there are times in everyone's life where you have some different priorities/committments to work on, and life becomes full of hassles.The stress of caring for children makes parents feel angry, anxious and stressed out.

Most parents do have high expectations of how things should be - we all want perfect family and worry about how our children will turn out. Here, let us remember one thing that there are no perfect children  and no perfect parents. All children misbehaves sometimes. Parents can make mistake. Therefore, have a realistic attitude, spend some time to understand your children, develop good relationship, learn to recognize the symptoms of stress and how can you cope up.

Coping with the stress of parenting starts with understanding what makes you feel stressed. We all have reactions to life's events which are based on personal histories. But irrespective of our emotional tension or worries, we need to remember that its not our children's fault. We need to learn to keep our stress reactions under control.
For that matter, you can make time for yourself, read good books, exercise daily, have good/healthy food on time, do not skip your meal, avoid fatigue, have good sleep, take short naps when you can, share your worries not only with your friends or someone whose close to you but also with your children in a very polite and calm manner.

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