Saturday, 11 February 2012

Co-operative and Collaborative learning

Does co-operative and collaborative learning work? What are the benefits of co-operative and collaborative learning?
Let us quickly understand, what is co-operative and collaborative learning. Collaborative learning is a method of teaching and learning together. A group of students discussing on any topic or a students from different schools community working together over the internet. Cooperation is working together to accomplish shared goals. Cooperative learning is the instructional use of small groups to let students work together to maximize their learning in order to achieve their goals. Cooperative learning is now one of the most promising practices in the field of education. The students work together in small groups on a structured activity. Co-operative groups work face-to-face and learn to work as a team. In small teams students can share their strengths and also develop their weaker skills. 

It is indeed an approach to organizing classroom activities into academic and social learning experiences. The students can gain a lot of benefits because cooperative learning approach can give students the chance to develop positive and productive relationships. It gives students opportunities to learn from one another rather than receive information from the teacher or text alone, help them reflect on process, and refine use; encourage them to practice the skill daily and help them know how to do it (T Chart).

Whereas, Collaborative learning can result into more efficient use of time,are fundamental to success in life beyond school, increases the opportunity for enhancing communication skills, participation and responsibility/accountability, demonstrates the social power of learning, boosts students' self esteem and confidence which are critical to learning and last but not the least, improves individual thinking and learning

For more details refer the link below and the book by Kath Murdoch & Jeni Wilson
Co-operative Learning
Concept to class

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