Saturday, 6 October 2012

Protect environment while immersing Ganesh idol

“Ganpati Bappa Morya”, the inseparable relationship between devotee and God. But how does it connect to the getting Ganesh idol immersed? Well, the immersion of the idols or statues in the ocean, or other bodies of water, and subsequent destruction of them serves as a reminder of their beliefs.

But aren’t they aware of the shocking pollution/destruction during the Ganesh festival? Thousands of idols made from harmful materials like plaster of paris and other toxic metals, coated with deadly paints containing mercury, carbon and lead enters our water bodies and affects the oxygen levels in it. They are not only dangerous to health but also can damage heart, kidney, liver and other circulatory system and central nervous system. Besides polluting the water, they reach humans through food chain, when they consume fish and other sea food.

The students, with the help of the teachers and Nature Club Team, exhibited their understanding and demonstrated great enthusiasm during the field trip. They also initiated and spoke to the people who came for Visarjan on the fifth day of Ganesh Festival, about the destruction caused to the environment. They even talked about the dangers to flora and fauna because the idols don’t dissolve, as they go to the river bed and affect the plant life.

The students initiated to understand the importance of celebrating festivals keeping in mind the need for environment protection and also prevention and control of Pollution. They extended their understanding that there are various laws in place concerning festivities, celebrations/environment protection etc. but they can be successful only if they are supported by people through successful implementation. The Students are determined to speak to their family members, relatives and friends about protecting the nature and spreading the awareness for the same.

Grade 5, would like to grab this opportunity to thank and appreciate all those people involved in promoting the making of idols made out of eco friendly materials. And also Nature Club Team in spreading the awareness and educating people for the same.

As, these polluting idols are a modern invention and nothing to do with religion.


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