Saturday, 6 October 2012

Discovering Learning

Jerome Bruner rightly defines discovering learning as a method of inquiry based instructions, helping learners to discover facts and relationships.

“Quizzes don’t just tell us how well we’ve memorized something- they actually help us remember it”. Yes, it proved to be true when a session of quiz was conducted in the class. The students were asked some challenging questions related to their ongoing unit and were also introduced to some new words. The best part of the session was when some of the students were able to identify the new vocabulary. What a fun learning it was!

Before going to the Rajgiri, Students were asked to list down what they know about WETLAND. Once they finished writing, they were expected to think through all the aspects what they really want to know or discover about the topic.

After discussion and various provocations, they identified the various sources of information. The students were completely engrossed during the process. Next day, some of the students shared the piece of information that they discovered. Not only they presented the information with great confidence but even shared few of the facts related to it. And then, the term BIG 6 was introduced to them.

The students revised and revisited their understanding and concepts for the ongoing unit by watching a video. They even initiated and prepared the flash cards and played the game of “Playing Card” within a group. The 4 groups were made of 4 students each, where the leading team member with maximum cards would be the winner. There was absolutely great excitement and enthusiasm within a group. Who does not like to win? Once the game was over, there were 4 winners. The students decided to proceed further and a final game was conducted, and we got the winner with maximum cards, if I am not mistaken with maximum answers. An innovative and a different way to discover memorize and recheck the understanding.


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