Saturday, 6 October 2012

Words are everywhere!..

The word and the world around the word”.

The students as part of their learning engagements played a game of word search in a very different style.

They were asked to omit any 2 letters from the list of alphabets and then the word was given by the teacher to start a game. The students sitting in a circle need to add any new word in regards to its meaning or connections. If by any means they articulate a word initiating with the letters omitted or repetition of the words, they would be disqualified from the game. The Students had limited time and they need to be quick in adding the word.

They enjoyed thoroughly and came with different words and its meaning. They were also able to make connections between two words. The students acknowledged the idea of having such game and enjoyed the circle time.

Thanks to Mr Chris Boreham for suggesting a wonderful, innovative and a fun loving game.


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