Saturday, 6 October 2012

Back to Basics

The students in context to what freedom means to them and its impact on their behavior and well being, came with the word “GOVERNANCE”. They started discussing their own issues and conflicts and provoked several questions related to it.
The list of issues were made to make them think as to whom to approach for problems/conflicts or resolutions. They studied the hierarchy of the people and their profile.

The students were introduced with the term, ‘Judiciary’,'Legislature’,'and ‘Executive’. They considered the concept of the school as one organization and the government as another type of organization.Here basically they were trying to understand the concept ‘function’ and the related concept ‘structure’.

They discussed that the head of the school is ‘The Minister’ of the organization and he is the one who designs the structure of his organization under specified legislature. They went through the process, revisited and revised the attributes of the “Learner Profile” and “Attitudes”, and also the ‘Procedures’ and ‘Routines’ of the school. The students also reflected on their learning in regards to “The Leader in me” program. The discussions and provoking questions were made to make them think as to, Are they under the right ministry? What kind of knowledge and skills is our minister trying to inject in the students? What values does the school seeks to promote?

The students even visited their school mission statement. They went further and stated that, under that situation the teachers are acting as an S.M.C. The first face for the students and parents. They visited the ‘Classroom mission statement’ and its purpose.


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