Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Learning! Learning! Learning!

Learning! Learning! Learning!

We learn from our experience,
We learn from others’ experience,
Our surroundings teach us a lot,
And environment groom us for one more shot;
Books never betray us, they teach us for a sure shot.

Our parents teach us for no reason,
As they live for only one VISION,
One day we will shine and make our own line,
But the point is not of a line or a wine,
It is the time for an ancient pine with a balloon vine.

Yes, it is the time to learn and unlearn;
Stand and say, About turn! About turn,
An opportunity to explore, hanging on a swinging door,
A step to the fore, going ashore, say -
Give me more! Give me more!

You take it or you leave it, It is up to you,
Either you cut through or get through,
It’s only for you! It’s only for you!
It is in abundance; do not have a limited review.
It’s for you, and only for you!

Yes, learning is as precious as gold,
As it makes you bold but with some fold,
Please, do not withhold or unfold,
As it makes you bold holding stories untold,
It is indeed oversold, oversold.

As I hold a pen, I wanted to write,
I did not know there is a writer in me still alive,
I wish I could test drive or wait for a while,
to write on a hard drive, about my life.

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