Saturday, 2 May 2015

Moments of Life, My Life

I am the one, who loves life;
I am the one, a crazy wife,
Yes, I am a proud mother;
enjoy sharing thoughts with a big brother.

By profession, I teach,
Otherwise I love to preach,
Yearning to give the keynote speech,
And wanting to visit a long beach

Once upon a time-
I used to play a lot with a chime,
With a glass full of soda lime,
Cheering with my partner in crime,
Almost onetime or a part time

Still wondering how the time passed,
Remembering the dead hand of the past,
They are now memories that I cherish,
With some good old friends now I relish.

I aim to enjoy life and live life to the fullest,
I write and rewrite my own script,
With lessons and knowledge full equipped,
I have my secrets in a beautiful script.

You gotta read each and every moment of mine,
That indeed will take time;
As the occasions, the period is not aligned,
I’m on with the last lecture, the speech of the last time.

I wish I could tell you more, about me and my life,
Inclined to read and write, mostly at half past nine.
Yes, my day starts at night, when people recline,
As I feel more relaxed to opine.

Yes, I am the one who loves life,
And mostly enjoys good old wine,
Live life with a punch line,
Pay now and play later, a goal in a straight line.