Thursday, 1 October 2015

Just for you....#B4IGTS

Just finished reading about this incredible character named ‘Christine,’
She had the syndrome of amnesia,
And, while reading I could imagine the indicated scenes,
Every day she would wake up with no memories at all,
But somehow, her so called husband managed things and all.

One day, this vulnerable Christine, got to know about the truth
She saw herself with her beloved husband in youth,
Her friend Claire, son Adam, and Dr. Nash –a neurologist,
Soon she realized she needs an apologist.

Then, in a little while there was a scintillating image
 of this evil person,
The one who made the situation all the more worse,
He was the culprit, a liar, a felon, and a fugitive
A lunatic, nomadic, and a terrifying criminal

Christine began to invoke all her memories,
Recognized herself and her family’s,
She conveyed her gratitude to Dr. Nash and all involved,
As the baffling situation because of their support had all got solved.

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