Wednesday, 23 September 2015

How should I unwind?

Wondering the reason for being utterly disappointed,
A lot of things that needs to be sorted
It isn’t about a day or a two, a month or a two,
Seems like an ages when it started to get an overdue.

All the dreams are scattered, the feelings are shattered,
The views do not make any difference,
But I am still standing in a lane of perseverance,
Walking through the path of sufferance and resistance,

I wish I could ask someone to write the script of my life,
As I am now tired writing about a lot of strife,
Why would they say, I am not a good essayist?
Just because I hold a little memory that is exquisite!

They say, to err is human, to forgive is divine,
Can anyone tell me, how do I unwind?

They asked me about my decision,
But how should I settle things by merely an intuition,
There are lots of distractions and embarrassments,
How do I get rid of that inheritance?

Reading books, meeting friends are not helping at all,
Hmm! This is indeed never I asked for,
The wounds of my sentiments are still alive,
How do I heal them, I know they are all mine.

I wish I could ask for an another day,
May be tomorrow or for that matter, let my future stay,
Will I continue my life living in this beautiful pain?
Or do I deserve to get all the contentment’s again?

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