Monday, 8 February 2016

With gratitude !..

They asked me,’ How did I manage to bring a change in my routine?’
I simply replied,’ I prioritize my health and well-being.’
But I suppose that was not enough for them to know
As they looked bewildered looking at my golden glow

Then I told them not to go by looks,
Merely try to understand the truth
I was in poor health, when I met Mukti one day,
She suggested disciplining my routine and working out every day.

I simply followed by what she said
And started going to the gym nearly every alternate day
Soon I began experiencing the change
My heart started confessing to me ‘I love you, but you’re strange!'

I am glad, meeting Mukti was the perfect time,
Her guidance and advice is pure and of unstained prime.
Now I feel so contented and at an ease all the time
Precisely because the decision I took was at the right time. 

1 comment:

  1. @Ritu Chopra- Heartily Thank You for Appreciation and Gratitude- Beautifully Expressed :) Would like to add on- it has been possible due to your Willpower, Decision to work on Health, coming out of your comfort zone and gifting yourself FITNESS :) I heartily appreciate your dedication and discipline towards Fitness - Although still long way to go ahead. Welcome to the world of FITNESS :)