Friday, 8 April 2016

Digital technology a boon or bane

Is digital technology taking over teaching?
It is debatable indeed, but it carries its own limits,
While there is also some opposition to it,
But how can one deny that it's a hit.

Let me tell you,'Technology doesn't change anything.'
It provides enriched opportunities to learn and grow,
Not exclusively for teachers, but for every heart and soul,
With vivacious exploration, students draw the details they want to know.'

Proceeding further, I accept, students are immersed in technology,
They are readily taking on this new mythology,
But did anyone try to find,'what's trending in their classroom?'
Collaboration, Communication, and Creativity are on boom.

Integrating technology into the classroom, isn't it good?
It accommodates students learning with a diverse range of needs
Doubtlessly, it also helps teachers cope with the pedagogical challenges,
Even when it appears we can't sustain the damages.

Going further, just play your part as a digital parent,
And simply do not worry about the technology that is inherent,
The truth that is indeed transparent,
Infact, it provides a scope of lot of transformation that is apparent.

Therefore, be productive producers and consumers of technology,
Which is strengthening economically strong knowledge based society,
Undeniably, it supports the education system in India,
Remember our prime minister saying,'Make India a Digital India.'

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