Saturday, 28 May 2016

Critical thinking

Before I could pen down my ideas on paper....
Let me think about the insight I got from the session,
Had an informative discussion and debate,
Talked about inherited claim vs. Evidence based claim.

Interpretations, making inferences, and assumptions we talked about
Placebo treatment in Homeopathy we pointed out,
But that was not enough for the day to go,
As through the confirmation biasis we were all knocked out.

Our facilitator asked us to murder our darling,
By selecting a product that’s in close proximity to us.

We enjoyed canvassing our ideas and quarrelling,
The discussion indeed remained rich and healthy,
As we were able to frame our thoughts correctly.

Looking forward for the session again,
As the journey to ‘critical thinking’ has just begun.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Team Vision 2016-17

As the new academic year has begun
We have lots of ideas to implement and have fun,
Be it an explicit instruction or differentiation,
We shall have more digital innovation aligned with our curriculum.

We aim to impart personalized education,
With lots of fun and through various learning stations,
Strategies, tools, hand on activities and some creation,
Project based learning and some innovations,
We are the team ready with our vision, a thoughtful consideration.

We respect the diversity in students’ learning styles,
We aim to instill a love of learning in each student,
Inspire them to become better humans,
And cultivate the potential in them to achieve academic excellence.

Be it a mathematical calculation or reading comprehension,
We are ready with our plan, to execute with good intention,
We are the team of passionate educators, we love to teach,
Yes! We are aspiring to launch, with a 21st Century theme.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

I still remember....

I remember the day, when my boss encouraged me to write,
I told him, I do not know how to upright my ideas in mind,

He said, ‘I trust you, you can do it,
Just simply pen down the ideas and give a voice to it.’

He asked me to think about the article to shout out,
Or on something that I am passionate about

I wondered how to give a sparkling effect to my ideas!
Nevertheless, I was excited and overjoyed to write on.

After contemplating I got the topic to create a draft on,
Narmad library’ a perfect place for readers to depend upon.

I was energized and contented about my article
As to my surprise it turned out to be chronicled.

He appreciated my write up and me,
But I could not thank him for giving a vision to be.

While collecting thoughts I can foresee,
That the writer in me is aspiring to flee,

I promise myself that I’ll continue to write,
Before I embrace everyone with a final goodbye