Thursday, 26 May 2016

Team Vision 2016-17

As the new academic year has begun
We have lots of ideas to implement and have fun,
Be it an explicit instruction or differentiation,
We shall have more digital innovation aligned with our curriculum.

We aim to impart personalized education,
With lots of fun and through various learning stations,
Strategies, tools, hand on activities and some creation,
Project based learning and some innovations,
We are the team ready with our vision, a thoughtful consideration.

We respect the diversity in students’ learning styles,
We aim to instill a love of learning in each student,
Inspire them to become better humans,
And cultivate the potential in them to achieve academic excellence.

Be it a mathematical calculation or reading comprehension,
We are ready with our plan, to execute with good intention,
We are the team of passionate educators, we love to teach,
Yes! We are aspiring to launch, with a 21st Century theme.

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