Wednesday, 4 May 2016

I still remember....

I remember the day, when my boss encouraged me to write,
I told him, I do not know how to upright my ideas in mind,

He said, ‘I trust you, you can do it,
Just simply pen down the ideas and give a voice to it.’

He asked me to think about the article to shout out,
Or on something that I am passionate about

I wondered how to give a sparkling effect to my ideas!
Nevertheless, I was excited and overjoyed to write on.

After contemplating I got the topic to create a draft on,
Narmad library’ a perfect place for readers to depend upon.

I was energized and contented about my article
As to my surprise it turned out to be chronicled.

He appreciated my write up and me,
But I could not thank him for giving a vision to be.

While collecting thoughts I can foresee,
That the writer in me is aspiring to flee,

I promise myself that I’ll continue to write,
Before I embrace everyone with a final goodbye

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