Saturday, 6 October 2012


The Students were given free choice in the homeroom period as part of their “Tuning in” activity of the new unit, and were asked to spend their time as per their wish.  They had complete freedom to do whatever they wanted as long as they were back in their classes at specified time.

Once they were back in their class, the provoking questions were made to make them think for the reason as to why they got a free choice? Why no one was there to question them? What did they do, during that time? Would they like to have the similar kind of free choice again?

The Students initiated by expressing  their happiness, joy and pleasure and even their curiosity for knowing the reason. They further added that they were not only amazed but confused as well. The most common thought which provoked everyone’s mind was- Is our teacher upset with us? Is she angry or sad? Are the procedures and routines being followed by all of us or not?

The Students discussed what freedom means to them and also the impact of freedom on their behavior and well-being.


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