Thursday, 11 June 2015

Reading Challenge # 1

 Hooray! You don’t know how glad I’m today,
To give you a Reading Challenge everyday
The plan is just a day away, as it is on a working day,
But surely you’ll have words to play to induce your own say.

But all the way, I remember those days.
Hey! Not about Father’s day or Mother’s day,
But about those calendar days
Where teacher use to say, ’Read it, Right away’!

Initially you may find it tough
But please do not hold any bluff
Think of the reading - it's never enough
It’s holding some stuff with a little scuff.

They say the more you read, the more you empower
Coz’ the knowledge every hour,
Will surely build your tower

You believe it or not it is true,
Until with the challenge you are through
Aren’t you excited, tell me once
Believe me, you’ll enjoy and have more fun.

Join me in this mission, with an idea and a vision
One day we will shine, and be on a cloud nine
Empowering people to realign, and be on the top line
To take more times; to read more times.

We are zealous reader, we love to read
Every hour and every day, it’s our greed
Whether we feed, lead, need, or plead,
But let us concede, we love to read,

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