Sunday, 14 June 2015

A talk with my son

All the day I was thinking of the challenge
My son asked me, how do you get ideas to manage?
I smiled and told him, I don’t know, you tell me
He had no words, just simply hugged me.

I said, together we will accomplish the goal
In order to read and to deepen our big heart soul,
He affirms, ‘it’s too much for me,’
I told him, ‘don’t worry, you are with me.’

Yes, I promised my son to be with him,
To walk with him and to stand beside him
But he said, ‘Mom. I’m too lazy to write,’
I told him, is this your reason to cry or to fright?

I love you and accept you the way you are
Don’t change yourself to impress me every hour.
I am your Mother,  it’s my duty to nurture you,
To facilitate you, to love you, and be with you

Strengthen your skills that you are good at
Dance, drama, reading, Lego bricks and chat
The list is endless, I’ll help you identify,
Believe in me, together we will exemplify. 

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