Saturday, 20 June 2015

I wish I could

Yeah! I am missing the good old days of marketing,
The days full of aching and baffling,
Be it a day or a night,
The schedule of the day was all tight.

Cherishing the days when the boss called up every hour
Simply to know the figures and show great power
But that was not enough
As the job was really tough

I remember those meetings and nightmare
The targets and numbers absolutely scare
How can I forget the conferences and lectures?
Also, those unwanted promises and pressure.

But let me tell you once, those were the days
Where at every phase I used to get much praise
No doubt the job was challenging
Yet, was fun canvassing and marketing.

I wish I could do the same again
With little time in hand and no constraint
The freedom of working and to try out something new
With plans in hands and ideas to put through

I wish I could do something similar or very new.

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