Friday, 16 October 2015

2Friends + 2gether = 4ever

I have a beautiful friend name ‘Bhumika
With whom I would love to go to ‘Imagica
She is a person with Full of Life
And I don’t remember we have ever been in Strife.

We have almost nothing in Common
But there are lots of memories like a Top Ramen
I throw up all my worries to her
And I still shine like a Diamond to her

How can I forget the camps and trips?
All those juvenile talks and fun
The moments full of laughter and tears
All the time has passed in these six years.

Today, on this occasion, I would wish her the best
As now we both have progressed.
We hardly have time to meet
But every Saturday for her I keep a seat.

Oh! This reminds me, tomorrow is the day,
Where we meet and have our own say,
Let me sigh and collect all my thoughts,
An another exciting day to tie all knots. 

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Just for you....#B4IGTS

Just finished reading about this incredible character named ‘Christine,’
She had the syndrome of amnesia,
And, while reading I could imagine the indicated scenes,
Every day she would wake up with no memories at all,
But somehow, her so called husband managed things and all.

One day, this vulnerable Christine, got to know about the truth
She saw herself with her beloved husband in youth,
Her friend Claire, son Adam, and Dr. Nash –a neurologist,
Soon she realized she needs an apologist.

Then, in a little while there was a scintillating image
 of this evil person,
The one who made the situation all the more worse,
He was the culprit, a liar, a felon, and a fugitive
A lunatic, nomadic, and a terrifying criminal

Christine began to invoke all her memories,
Recognized herself and her family’s,
She conveyed her gratitude to Dr. Nash and all involved,
As the baffling situation because of their support had all got solved.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

How should I unwind?

Wondering the reason for being utterly disappointed,
A lot of things that needs to be sorted
It isn’t about a day or a two, a month or a two,
Seems like an ages when it started to get an overdue.

All the dreams are scattered, the feelings are shattered,
The views do not make any difference,
But I am still standing in a lane of perseverance,
Walking through the path of sufferance and resistance,

I wish I could ask someone to write the script of my life,
As I am now tired writing about a lot of strife,
Why would they say, I am not a good essayist?
Just because I hold a little memory that is exquisite!

They say, to err is human, to forgive is divine,
Can anyone tell me, how do I unwind?

They asked me about my decision,
But how should I settle things by merely an intuition,
There are lots of distractions and embarrassments,
How do I get rid of that inheritance?

Reading books, meeting friends are not helping at all,
Hmm! This is indeed never I asked for,
The wounds of my sentiments are still alive,
How do I heal them, I know they are all mine.

I wish I could ask for an another day,
May be tomorrow or for that matter, let my future stay,
Will I continue my life living in this beautiful pain?
Or do I deserve to get all the contentment’s again?

Saturday, 20 June 2015

I wish I could

Yeah! I am missing the good old days of marketing,
The days full of aching and baffling,
Be it a day or a night,
The schedule of the day was all tight.

Cherishing the days when the boss called up every hour
Simply to know the figures and show great power
But that was not enough
As the job was really tough

I remember those meetings and nightmare
The targets and numbers absolutely scare
How can I forget the conferences and lectures?
Also, those unwanted promises and pressure.

But let me tell you once, those were the days
Where at every phase I used to get much praise
No doubt the job was challenging
Yet, was fun canvassing and marketing.

I wish I could do the same again
With little time in hand and no constraint
The freedom of working and to try out something new
With plans in hands and ideas to put through

I wish I could do something similar or very new.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

A talk with my son

All the day I was thinking of the challenge
My son asked me, how do you get ideas to manage?
I smiled and told him, I don’t know, you tell me
He had no words, just simply hugged me.

I said, together we will accomplish the goal
In order to read and to deepen our big heart soul,
He affirms, ‘it’s too much for me,’
I told him, ‘don’t worry, you are with me.’

Yes, I promised my son to be with him,
To walk with him and to stand beside him
But he said, ‘Mom. I’m too lazy to write,’
I told him, is this your reason to cry or to fright?

I love you and accept you the way you are
Don’t change yourself to impress me every hour.
I am your Mother,  it’s my duty to nurture you,
To facilitate you, to love you, and be with you

Strengthen your skills that you are good at
Dance, drama, reading, Lego bricks and chat
The list is endless, I’ll help you identify,
Believe in me, together we will exemplify. 

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Reading Challenge # 1

 Hooray! You don’t know how glad I’m today,
To give you a Reading Challenge everyday
The plan is just a day away, as it is on a working day,
But surely you’ll have words to play to induce your own say.

But all the way, I remember those days.
Hey! Not about Father’s day or Mother’s day,
But about those calendar days
Where teacher use to say, ’Read it, Right away’!

Initially you may find it tough
But please do not hold any bluff
Think of the reading - it's never enough
It’s holding some stuff with a little scuff.

They say the more you read, the more you empower
Coz’ the knowledge every hour,
Will surely build your tower

You believe it or not it is true,
Until with the challenge you are through
Aren’t you excited, tell me once
Believe me, you’ll enjoy and have more fun.

Join me in this mission, with an idea and a vision
One day we will shine, and be on a cloud nine
Empowering people to realign, and be on the top line
To take more times; to read more times.

We are zealous reader, we love to read
Every hour and every day, it’s our greed
Whether we feed, lead, need, or plead,
But let us concede, we love to read,

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Moments of Life, My Life

I am the one, who loves life;
I am the one, a crazy wife,
Yes, I am a proud mother;
enjoy sharing thoughts with a big brother.

By profession, I teach,
Otherwise I love to preach,
Yearning to give the keynote speech,
And wanting to visit a long beach

Once upon a time-
I used to play a lot with a chime,
With a glass full of soda lime,
Cheering with my partner in crime,
Almost onetime or a part time

Still wondering how the time passed,
Remembering the dead hand of the past,
They are now memories that I cherish,
With some good old friends now I relish.

I aim to enjoy life and live life to the fullest,
I write and rewrite my own script,
With lessons and knowledge full equipped,
I have my secrets in a beautiful script.

You gotta read each and every moment of mine,
That indeed will take time;
As the occasions, the period is not aligned,
I’m on with the last lecture, the speech of the last time.

I wish I could tell you more, about me and my life,
Inclined to read and write, mostly at half past nine.
Yes, my day starts at night, when people recline,
As I feel more relaxed to opine.

Yes, I am the one who loves life,
And mostly enjoys good old wine,
Live life with a punch line,
Pay now and play later, a goal in a straight line.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Learning! Learning! Learning!

Learning! Learning! Learning!

We learn from our experience,
We learn from others’ experience,
Our surroundings teach us a lot,
And environment groom us for one more shot;
Books never betray us, they teach us for a sure shot.

Our parents teach us for no reason,
As they live for only one VISION,
One day we will shine and make our own line,
But the point is not of a line or a wine,
It is the time for an ancient pine with a balloon vine.

Yes, it is the time to learn and unlearn;
Stand and say, About turn! About turn,
An opportunity to explore, hanging on a swinging door,
A step to the fore, going ashore, say -
Give me more! Give me more!

You take it or you leave it, It is up to you,
Either you cut through or get through,
It’s only for you! It’s only for you!
It is in abundance; do not have a limited review.
It’s for you, and only for you!

Yes, learning is as precious as gold,
As it makes you bold but with some fold,
Please, do not withhold or unfold,
As it makes you bold holding stories untold,
It is indeed oversold, oversold.

As I hold a pen, I wanted to write,
I did not know there is a writer in me still alive,
I wish I could test drive or wait for a while,
to write on a hard drive, about my life.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Questions! Questions! Questions!

Questions! Questions! Questions!
Lots of questions with expressions!
Curious, exciting, snooping questions,
With one reason and thought of investigation,
Energy depletion and the crisis of habitat destruction,
Economic disparity and climate disruption
Never-ending questions...No solution?

One elucidation and explication,
One strides to alteration & bring revolution.
Questions! Questions! Questions!
Lots of questions with expressions!